eSolutions and Web Services

With the growth of the Internet, it has become imperative for Government agencies and commercial enterprises to provide web-based access for various applications serving their employees, clients, vendors and partners. These applications may vary in complexities from simple information-based websites to those performing complex transactions, such as online banking, purchase of goods, credit card transactions, and the payment of property taxes online. Such applications may interface with various backend and third party applications that require developing well-defined interfaces using open systems standards and various levels of security.

One of our competencies is the design and implementation of secure Web-based Enterprise Solutions (Web Portals, Self-Service Web applications, eLearning applications) through the utilization of Web Services and open system standards that are based on Service Oriented Architecture. Web Services are proven to provide the next generation of Application Architecture which takes openness and interoperability to the next level. Web Services promise a platform-neutral method of application integration.