Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing is transforming business and technology. It is changing the way applications are developed and delivered. But it comes with its unique set of challenges.

I-Link Solutions is helping its customers accelerate the adoption of cloud computing thus delivering faster ROI and maximizing investments.

I-Link Solutions enables customers to successfully migrate their existing applications or develop new ones on leading cloud computing platforms.

Our practice covers all aspects of designing, building and sustaining cloud-based applications, including PaaS and SaaS for customers for public, private or hybrid clouds.

Our Expertise

The I-Link Solutions team is expert in migrating and developing applications for the different type of public and private clouds.

  • Amazon AWS – Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, SimpleDB and RDS
  • Platform as a Service – Google App Engine (GAE), (Salesforce), Windows Azure (Microsoft), Heroku (RubyOnRails)
  • VMware and SpringSource Cloud Application Platform (vFabric and Code2Cloud)
  • Other public and private systems like Eucalyptus and RightScale